Green depression glass sugar bowl

. swirl, unknown ashtray 1, unknown block goblet 1, unknown block tumbler 1, unknown creamer-sugar 1, unknown creamer-sugar 2, unknown cupped bowl, unknown etch 1, unknown footed tumbler 1, unknown plate 1, unknown plate 2, unknown plate 3, unknown shaker 1, unknown stem 1, unknown stem 2, unknown stem 3, vernon, versailles, victorian, victory, vitrock, wagon wheel, warwick, waterford, westmoreland 1721-1, westmoreland 462, wheat fostoria, wildflower, williamsburg, willowmere, wilma, windsor federal, windsor jeannette, wing, woolworth, york. movie theaters and businesses also hand out a piece of depression on entering into their offices. it was distributed in canada and the united states during the time of the great depression.

Green depression glass sugar bowl

we are the official website for all this fun within this great american glass ware. It was distributed in Canada and United States during the time of great depression. 2, flower garden w/ butterflies, fortune, fruits, fuchsia, gadroon, gadroon cambridge, gazebo, georgian cambridge, georgian lovebirds, georgian viking, glades, gothic garden, granada, harp, harvest, hazel atlas 1533, hazel atlas paneled optic, heather, heirloom, heritage, hex optic, hobnail, hobnail duncan miller, hocking bowl 1, hocking bowl 2, hocking bowl 3, hocking mint tray 1, holiday, homespun, homestead, horizon, horseshoe, hostmaster, indiana custard, iris, jamestown, janice, jubilee, june, june night, kings crown, lace bouquet, laced edge, lacy leaf, lafayette, lake como, landrum, largo, lariat, laurel, leaf band, lido, lily pons, lincoln inn, little jewel, looking glass, lorain, macbeth evans 7541-a, madrid, manhattan bartlett, manhattan hocking, mansard, mayfair federal, mayfair fostoria, mayfair hocking, mckee mg7 bowl, meadow rose, milkweed, miss america, modernistic, moderntone, molly, monarch, moon and stars, moondrops, moonstone, moonstone fostoria, morgan, morgantown 9715, moroccan amethyst, mount vernon, mount vernon imperial, mt.

Depression glass sugar bowl

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Depression Glass - The Official Depression Glass Website

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, elegant glass patterns and 1940s, 1950s and 1960s era glass patterns. the great depression was a period when the world economy hit the lowest low. some food manufacturers and distributors wanted to put up an incentive to boost their sales, so they came up with the idea of including a piece of glassware in food boxes.

Depression Era, 1940s, 50s, 60s and Elegant glass patterns

depression glass was to be produced today, it would likely not be acceptable in the market due to a range of flaws associated with it. since this glass was being shared free around depression or recession period, the glassware attracted the name depression glass..Explore Miss Pris's board "Depression Glass Green" on Pinterest, the world's catalog of ideas.

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glass was made in the early period of the nineteen century precisely between 1920s and 1930s. while entire pages could be written about these mergers alone, the […]indiana glass company – memories and popular patterns - the early history of the companies and operations which became the indiana glass company are confusing, convoluted and not terribly well documented! it was manufactured in large quantities, depression glass was of marginal quality.

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beyond the period of the depression, some manufacturers continued to manufacture popular patterns after the world war ii. morepin 1vintage retro rustic1930 vintagegreen vintagevintage saltglass vintagevintage glasswareantique glassvintage dishesantique dishesforward1930s depression era vintagesee morepin 1depression watercameo depressiongreen depression glassdepression glasswaredishes glasswarecrystal glasswareantique glasswarestemwaregobletsforwarddepression glasssee morepin 1glassware green depressionglassware depression glassdishes depressionhobbies depression glassdepression glassweardepression vaseline glassantique depressionantique dishes glasswareglassware iiforwarddepression glass green banana dishsee morepin 1women’s fashionweddingstraveltechnologytattoosquotesphotographyoutdoorsmen’s fashionkids and parentinghome decorhealth and fitnesshair and beautygardeningfood and drinkeducationdiy and craftsdesignartarchitecturepicked for youwe found some ideas you might love. can use this site to find and identify depression era glass.

colors like jadeite (opaque pale green), white (milk glass), ultra marine, red (royal and ruby), yellow (canary), delphite (opaque pale blue), black and amethyst monax, also exist. 1, diana, dogwood, doric, doric and pansy, early american prescut, elaine, empress, english hobnail, fairfax, fairmont, fancy colonial, fancy square, federal creamer-sugar 1, fenton 3 creamer-sugar, fire-king blue mosaic, fire-king meadow green, fire-king turquoise, floragold, floral, floral and diamond band, florentine new martinsville, florentine no. site is brought to you by kejaba treasures where we sell a wide variety of antiques, glasswares.

we don't do pattern identification, value quoting or buying of glass. - most collectible pieces of milk glass date back to the 1700’s or newer. glass name was derived from the period of time it was manufactured and handed out.

Green depression glass sugar bowl

however those flaws are the characteristics used by collectors to identify original glass wares that were produced in the depression era. some rare pieces of these depression glasses may sell for hundreds of dollars. hocking glass company – a story of survival - in 1905, the beginnings of anchor hocking glass company occurred near the hocking river.

depression glass was also made to meet immediate needs and was not expected to be durable. morepin 3pitchers and teapotspitchers galoremilk pitchersglass pitchersvintage bluevintage chinaantique chinaloza vintagevintage loveeforwardbeautifulsee morepin 3heart 1sugar set saww sugarcream sugar setssugar sugarberry creamerbowls creamercreamer setsnoritake pinknoritake azaleaforwardnoritake azalea sugar shaker and berry creamer setsee morepin 3heart 1sugar bowl creamerssugar creamer setssugar setssugar bowlslovely violetsviolets pansiessweet violetschina violetviolet creamforwardhaviland china violet w/gold decorated sugar bowl! indiana glass company of dunkirk in, originally a part of beatty-brady glass company which was founded by james beaty and george brady in 1895, is known for some of its unique products and […]jeanette glass – a comprehensive history and patterns listing - the jeanette glass company, like most companies who survived the great depression, has quite an interesting history.

most of these glasses were manufactured in the central and mid west usa. some are crystal clear colored glass like pink, pale blue, green and amber. followersauctionsugar bowlsglasseshand paintedmilk glasscambridgedepressioncream and sugaranchor hockingantiqueschinabone chinatea setspressed glassvintagesugar bowls and creamerspink sugarvioletsporcelainsugareaster happyhoppy eastereaster bunnieseaster timeeaster springhappy springtimeeaster eggsaww sugarmilk sugarforwardgreen bunny demitasse tea setsee morepin 3moderntone pinkatlas moderntoneaww sugar sugarsugar bowlvintage hazelbuy vintagecream 2pink creamcream sugar setsforwardvintage hazel atlas moderntone pink cream and sugar by chriscre, .

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