How to make a book a bestseller

How to make your book a bestseller

don’t forget, if every prison library buys your book, it’s a guaranteed bestseller. it’s incredibly helpful, especially for those (like me) who are planning to launch their first ebook! the book that sells the most through the channels and stores they poll, takes the number one slot. they maintain a best seller list for each category of book, and separate lists for printed books and kindle ebooks.” your book must meet a felt need, be well-written, and have the potential to reach a large enough segment of the population.: what would having a bestselling book make possible for you? in other words, i’m asking them to do something fun while indirectly having a conversation about the book with their friend. also, don’t sell the book in your trailer — sell the messenger., the author, have written the perfect book for any club, whether centered around dogs, nobel laureates, or 19th-century classics. if you’re selling ebooks, you have to play around with the price. as i say in my platform keynote speech (quoting from david ogilvy), “great marketing only makes a bad product fail faster. just come up with a few packages you want to offer (1 book, 3 book, 30 books), then put together some awesome digital bonus gifts for each tier (digital so you don’t have to mess with shipping / handling costs).) luckily, there were plenty of physical books available at barnes & noble and independent bookstores around the country, thanks to hachette’s sales and distribution network. that’s how you get people to buy your book, which is required if you want to hit #1. she shared dana’s vision and enthusiasm for the book. here’s the secret:Create an amazing book that you know people will want to buy, then set up marketing machines that can automatically sell your book for the next 5 to 100 years. cow this is valuable info, it could be a mini e-book in it’s self thank you for sharing this info. a result, i sold at least 11,000 books during that first week. really wanted to get inside my readers’ heads, just to make sure i had a deep understanding of what they most wanted (this is a value i learned while working with ramit sethi). all changed when i found a friend who had recently got into running, he had me read the book “born to run” and start jogging with him. managed to put together book bundles that contained more than ,000,000 in bonus gifts. writing a bestseller is about writing a book that people will buy. my current favorite medium for marketing books is podcasts, simply because they’re so intimate. “hey man, i have a great book that you need to read — it’s called how i cured my anxiety“? the title express what type of reader will benefit from reading the book? sites: don’t be afraid of your book being pirated. when you do that, you not only make them happier, you also dramatically increase your odds of succeeding. i built those relationships from the ground up, several years prior to writing a book. see nina amir’s book, how to blog a book. it’s must better to to get a few genuine endorsements from people who truly loved the book (e. to make america great again hark back to a time when income inequality receded even as the economy boomed and the middle class expanded. because when your book is finally up on amazon, you’ll need to get some positive reviews in a hurry. i have a question will we have to pay to get our book publish? there any other books or copyrighted material with this same title? you are writing a book or plan to write a book, it’s my hope that my launch formula will be helpful to you.

How to make a book a bestseller

1 in money management in print (books > business & money > personal finance > budgeting & money management), you can trumpet your top dog status to your prospects and clients! raised the visibility of the book with retailers, resulting in more orders, and thus spreading the message. this is some of the best advice i’ve ever gotten on setting up a successful book campaign. i love the info you recommneded we should put at the end of our books to attract bulk buys for groups and organisations and to encourage speaking gigs. my birthday i’m personally buying twenty-five okdork readers a copy of charlie’s book. thx for the great article…i have been speaking and conducting training on communication, sales, and influence across the country for the past 7 years and am working on my first book right now. even active niche forums that you’ve participated in will work — just start an interesting conversation that will get people reading, then discretely plug your book in. that’s why i made a 7-video series for my book called how i cured my anxiety, which shows prospective readers the type of person i am. after the opening week, dana’s book hit number eight on the new york times nonfiction bestseller list, behind celebrity books like phil robertson's unphiltered and a memoir by joan rivers, who’d passed away that week. marketing machine facilitates transactions that get my book in the hands of large audiences, and the form encourages them to hire me as a paid speaker. to make america great again hark back to a time when income inequality receded even as the economy boomed and the middle class expanded. thanks charlie for the insight into your book makings and the others you helped with. as with dan’s book, we had interest from multiple publishers and ended up with a terrific editor, kris puopolo, at doubleday. thx for your help, i hope i win a book!” amazon reviews determine the book’s conversion to sales (that’s why i hate pre-order campaigns; there are no reviews posted so. hope you get a chance to check out my book. and it can really screw up your book’s brand if you’re known as the dude who’s hawking it through scammy online marketers.’m the founder of an online novel writing course, and these are some great tips for publishing your book. is my birthday and a gift for myself is letting you know about my good friend charlie hoehn’s new book, play it away. second paragraph makes it easy for them to respond to the email (a or b? (i didn’t focus on amazon pre-orders because they release the books when they have them to ship, often well in advance of the pub date. bittorrent promoted the bundle, over 1 million users downloaded it in the first month — that’s a lot of free quality marketing (and many books sold). the more work you make, the better you’ll get at your craft and the more likely you’ll end up making something great. so to add to the previous tip (write a book people want to buy) is to write the book that you want to read. cover is the core visual people associate with your book. makes my mom prouder than when she hears me introduced as a "Best Selling Author. first sentence of my book’s description contains the words “constant fear,” because that was the most common phrase people gave in the survey. [author i admire],Would you prefer kindle or a pdf of my book?!’ i write with a lot of humour but have no idea how even to start , want it to be every two weeks as an ebook. description of your book is what gets people to buy the book. 1 in real estate investing on kindle (subcategorized under kindle ebooks > business & money > real estate > investments) or no.“i can’t explain how nice it was to know that someone finally understood and has solutions to change those feelings… the answers i’ve been searching for and asking doctors about for almost the last 3 years, you were able to summarize in one book.. when you drop the price, a bunch of bot sites detect the drop and price shoppers rush over to your amazon page to make an impulse purchase, and your book climbs the charts. in the first week after the publication, it hit all three major bestseller lists, including new york times, wall street journal, and usa today. they buy your book, along with their fee, and presto you’re a nyt bestselling author.

How To Make Your Book A Bestseller: A Case Study From A #1

How to Make Your Book a Bestseller - The Atlantic

How to make my book a bestseller

haven’t officially announced the book yet (still finishing up paperback + other formats), but i wanted to send this your way so you can see how far it’s come since that first draft. i just published my first draft (3 chapters) of a new book on leanpub. i’ve written one book so far and it sold better than i expected. james altucher has sold more than 100,000 copies of his self-published book choose yourself in less than one year. if so, i’d be happy to give your listeners an exclusive offer on my upcoming book, as well.  around this same time, i got a book proposal from a smart young education reporter, dana goldstein, who was friends with one of my clients. main reason affiliate deals don’t make sense is because books are so cheap that the commission is basically non-existent. i was completely lost and overwhelmed re my next steps and i have my book launch on the 16th of march. here’s the playbook donald trump could use to set the country down a path toward illiberalism. over the long run, the only things that can save you are having a great book that people love and want to buy, along with marketing machines that facilitate sales / word-of-mouth forever. editors jump from house to house, leaving authors—and their books—in the lurch.” i was notified on that exact day that the book had hit the new york times “hardcover advice” list. i just try to get them interested in my book by making a personal offer that’s extremely difficult to refuse.” so i put up a form, asking if anyone was interested in buying a book on the topic if i ever decided to write one. here’s the playbook donald trump could use to set the country down a path toward illiberalism. tim ferriss started writing the 4-hour chef, he read and took notes on about 50 cookbooks. duhigg, the author of the bestseller the power of habit, originally got his toe-hold by releasing an excerpt from his book that went viral. the subtitle was simply a matter of tacking on who the book was for (workaholics), and how the book could benefit them (cure their anxiety). the first popular review of this book is probably going to be the review that people will see for years to come. if they don’t like your book, they won’t buy it and you’re in the exact same position as you were before. i really regret thinking they were a waste of time despite watch endless films and reading lots of books. am writing my first book and this will help me a lot. think about it: if someone wants to give your book to their friend, what are they going to say? isn’t it telling that two of the most successful novels this year, the pulitzer prize-winning goldfinch, and the national book award finalist all the light we cannot see, took ten years for the authors to finish? in the early stages of creating the table of contents for the 4-hour body, before he’d written anything else for the book, tim ferriss was coming up with chapter titles based on what he thought would make great guest blog post headlines. why i would love to read the book, that would require getting offline. you’ve developed an understanding of the books that people are actually buying, you’ll be able to create something unique or superior that those audiences will want to buy. having marketing machines is critical, because they’re what make it possible for you to actually turn your writing hobby into a living. with that said, i have no doubt that i can do better next time round and your post is now my first reference item for my next book. in dan’s case, because he was writing about a litigious billionaire family, his publisher hired a top libel lawyer to review the book, a process that took about six weeks and must have cost many thousands of dollars at grand central’s expense. in chapter 8 of the book, i exhort my readers to accept personal responsibility for the success or failure of their product launch. your amazon reviews are so most important to your book’s success, arguably more than anything else. it will save you so much time, and it will help you bake the marketing into your book (i. is my birthday and a gift for myself is letting you know about my good friend Charlie Hoehn’s new book, Play It Away. a term in the senate or in the pen undoubtedly yields a new book, one embossed with the coveted “based on a true story.

How to Launch a Bestselling Book

How to make a book a bestseller

with a longer sales period like the new york times, a lot more sales are needed to make it onto the list. the initial splash we make during our launch feels like everything.! my new book, energize your life: activate the seven pillars of positive energy that make your feel alive, is coming out june, 2016 and your article is extremely helpful! authors often ask what they can do to hit the bestseller list. you should find a way to collect their contact information at some point in the book. in addition to outranking the 11 million books on amazon, you’re also beating out whatever current “outlier” titles (e. i’ve read many articles on how to market my book and of all of them i found your article to be the most useful and extremely helpful. your final marketing machine — and safest bet for turning your writing hobby into a living — is to keep publishing more books on amazon. all of your books will link up on kindle (“read more works from this author”) and they’ll cross-promote each other. then we had ceo-read ship the books to them, and the companies we partnered with fulfilled their bonus gifts. sure the demand for your book is strong enough that people are willing to pay for it, before you start making it. equip them with little bites of wisdom from your book that they can easily share with their friends. it’s simply impossible for the listener to not form a relationship with you, and if you are interesting / likeable, they’ll probably buy your book. decided to do a photoshoot so i could make a few cover mockups myself. when you say that you are launching your book in a month, and ask them if they would like a “kindle or pdf copy” how do you send them a kindle version pre-launch? there’s a very easy way to do this:Read the 5-10 most popular books in your chosen category, and figure out why people love or hate them (i. why the publishing industry still mattersNothing makes my mom prouder than when she hears me introduced as a "best selling author. for every forgettable snarky facebook rant, for every counterintuitive, impermanent let-me-explain-the-world-to-you thought piece, for every formulaic superhero movie or sitcom, there grows a place in the hearts of thoughtful readers out there for works by writers like dan and dana.” dan was asked to come on npr’s fresh air with terry gross, one of the most important media bookings in publishing, and then showed up on various tv and radio shows. as the master of online book sales, selling over billion worth of digital, print, and audio books a year, amazon has created its own best seller lists. mei am the author of the new york times bestseller, platform: get noticed in a noisy world. in 2013, mcdonald’s became the biggest book distributor in the united kingdom. responses to “how to hit #1 on amazon’s bestseller list”. in this book, you’ll learn:The key breakthrough that allowed me to enjoy life again (page 27). authors received good book deals, but no matter how much money an author receives, that money gets spread out in payments over three to four years. we believed john's vision for the book and the publisher’s business list would give us the best chance of success over the long term. we needed to make sure those people not only had the money (and weren’t in debt), but were also normal and well-adjusted people who would be fun to hang out with. on a basic level, you could offer the kindle ebook (cheapest), a paperback (middle), and a premium book bundle (most expensive). i even publicly stated why i was doing this two months before release:“these people now have a vested interest in seeing the book succeed, and i’ll encourage them to leave a thoughtful amazon review when it’s up for sale. after a trip to new york to meet with editors, i held an auction and sold the book to john brodie at grand central. this also helps to add a deadline -- people in your network, knowing that the price is going to go up at the end of the week, will be spurred into purchasing your book. at the end of my book, i say “if you’d like to order copies of this book for your company, school, or group of friends, please go to playitaway. godin gained much of his following by releasing his book the idea virus online, for free. the issue is not whether the bestseller lists are accurate (they aren’t) or whether they are fair (they’re not). a great book that people want to buy, and having marketing machines set up to encourage more sales, is what will ultimately lead to your book’s success.

How to make your book a bestseller

you have to do it, because it’s the only way your book will have a fanbase the day it gets released. it’s short, sweet, and makes it easy for them to quickly respond (“kindle, please! if your book is available as a kindle download, you may decide to lower the price to

How to Create an Instant Bestselling Novel

like many authors looking to be on the ny times bestseller list, just use a company like resultsource out of san diego. could prolong the buildup, but here is the case i’m going to make:  yes, they’re that bad, and worse. i first went to the one i thought was most likely to endorse the book. i’m gonna buy your book because one of the pillars or sources of energy i write about in my book is to give yourself permission to play! there is value in hitting #1, of course, but how much better is it to sell 500 books a month for 12 years and change lives all along the way? need a great title in order for your book to be marketable. if someone buys your book, they’ll probably be receptive to buying other stuff you come out with later on. and if there are a ton of people buying one type of book (sexy vampires! what we came up with not only landed the 4hww at #4 on the new york times bestseller list, it also laid the groundwork for a massively effective promotion we did the following year. in one year, they gave away more than 15 million children’s books in their happy meals. since my book, platform: get noticed in a noisy world, hit the bestseller lists, i have been asked how i did it. dan’s book, sons of wichita, came out in may, he received a flood of good press, from vanity fair to the financial times. is easily one of the best things you can do to improve your book’s odds of hitting #1. i wasn’t expecting the publishing company to make me famous or make my book successful. it’s time for you to think outside the book. all you, the author, have to do is play matchmaker.), and a few dozen friends who all want to buy your book. pushing them on a swing, chasing them up the stairs, kicking a football, racing our bikes, building sandcastles, puzzles, baord games, lego, trains, make belief, hide and seek, the list is endless.: i posted a few helpful threads in the /r/anxiety forum, including one which said i was working on a book. most of the chapters in the book started as blog posts. the comment that cost him his book deal and speaker slot at the conservative political action conference, the breitbart journalist and right-wing provocateur milo yiannopoulos defended “relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are. the first is to call up a friend, ask them to play, then ask them to “play it forward” (sounds a little corny, but it works when you read it in the book). totally makes me focus on the moment and not on the other zillion things running through my head. later, dana’s book, the teacher wars, came out just in time for the back-to-school market. order to hit #1 on the bestseller list, your book has to deliver an amazing experience that 1,000 people will readily pay money for. if your book is really good, people will pay for it or share it. my readers’ answers heavily shaped the first half of my book’s description:Do you live in constant fear? meanwhile, dan and i began to have strategic planning meetings with his editor, his publicist, the digital publicist, and the associate publisher about the rollout of the book, many months in advance of the release date. i toyed with a number of other ideas:How to recover from burnout. i have just written a book about how to reinvent yourself after divorce and just doing the finishing touches regarding my cover etc before uploading on amazon. the second cta comes immediately after the final chapter:If you want to learn more about baking marketing into your book, check out these two articles:How to self-publish a bestseller. it reveal the main concept or type of experience my book has to offer? and their book has already fallen into the realm of obscurity, because no one cares about it anymore. hell, even i gave away my first book (recession proof graduate) for free. it is also a wall street journal, usa today, and amazon bestseller.. if you produce a sloppy book that you don’t really believe in, it’s going to be really difficult and clumsy for you when you try to tell everyone to buy it. many of my clients always ask about books i can recommend which is what printed me to put 19 years of private practicing experience in my book and why i will also recommend yours. the comment that cost him his book deal and speaker slot at the conservative political action conference, the breitbart journalist and right-wing provocateur milo yiannopoulos defended “relationships in which those older men help those young boys to discover who they are. i’ll have to make them part of the curriculum! well i know that if i do an amazing job, a lot of you guys will want to share this post or buy my book, so i put a lot of effort into it. could prolong the buildup, but here is the case i’m going to make:  yes, they’re that bad, and worse.’s the second half of my description, which encouraged people to open the book and start reading right now:Play it away covers my entire journey: what caused my anxiety, the “a-ha! thx for your help, i hope i win a book! as imperfect as our business is, anyone who wants to write a book of lasting value, a book that can change the way people think about the world, a book that can get national and possibly global distribution in real hard copies, knows that the traditional publishing path is still the best path to take. my goal was to move as many books through the cash register that first week of publication. as tim said in this post:I’m astonished when authors spend 1-10 years writing a book and then let a junior copyeditor at their publisher write their backcover… you should spend at least 10x as much time on backcover/flap/”description” copy as you would on an average internal page. amazon refused to discount dan’s book from its list price and told customers on his book page that it would take three to four weeks for delivery, even though there were thousands of books available in the warehouse. Here are the seven actions I took to get my book on all three major lists. the goal for the cover was to instantly communicate those qualities, while revealing that the book was for anxious workaholics. successful books doesn’t mean you have to compromise your artistic integrity. you can offer your book in bulk on an ongoing basis, just so people see that option to buy large orders. when people sign up, they’re going to get several emails with free content from the book, and a link at the end of each email reminding them to buy it. moran’s book shrinking violets is a sweeping history that doubles as a (quiet) defense of timidity. i offered them five benefits:An electronic edition of the book in advance of publication. and man oh man, i can’t begin to tell you how great slideshare is for promoting books… check out how ryan holiday uses it to market his work:Several of ryan’s slideshare have racked up more than 200,000+ views. spoke on this topic yesterday in new york city under the title, “my bestseller launch formula: how i mobilized my tribe to drive my book onto the bestsellers list. in the meantime, dan and i will continue to meet for beers or whiskey to talk about his next book idea. they “sell” 10,000 books in the first week, then get to say they’re a nyt bestselling author for the rest of their life. 🙂 i agree that without proper marketing strategies is very hard to succeed no matter how good the ebook is. the book that sells the second most, takes the second slot, and so on.. (dan’s royalty rate for an ebook book is nearly half the royalty rate for his hardcover. we had packages for so many levels: 1 book, 3 books, 5 books, 10 books, 30 books, 100 books, 300 books, 1,000 books, 5,000 books, and even 10,000 books. it takes about 5x more sales to top the new york times bestseller list, and your book needs to be selling nationwide at physical retail outlets (barnes & noble, costco). you quickly figured out my comment was somewhat tongue in cheek, but amazing that even the nyt bestseller isn’t what most think. they are forcing you to make a great book, and catching all of the things that currently suck. that book was read by more than 150,000 people, and it’s the reason i have a 5,000 sub email list. 4hc promo is a unique case with exceptional results, but the principle can be used by any author — give your book away for free to people who are going to talk about it.

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    and dan’s book continues to sell well despite hachette’s continued fight with amazon. have between 5 and 40 ideal readers give you brutal feedback on an early draft of your book (don’t ask family or friends to do this, they’ll be too soft on you). i have two main calls to action at the end of my book. the idea was validated, and i had proof that people wanted to buy the book before i started making it.’ll be making a bunch of slideshares to promote my book, as well. are some of my mockups:I handed the mockups over to my designer, who sent this back to me two hours later:No one understands the spirit and meaning of the book better than the person who wrote it. my book “edge of grace: a seeker’s path to the heart of liberation” by prajna is hitting the heart of many, a real human story written with transparency, humor and love — you cry, you laugh, and then you return for more to find out how to recover from the inevitable in life.“how to write a winning book proposal” (a two-session audio set). [nice person that i like but don’t know well]- my first book is coming out next month, and i’d love to send it your way. me share you the story of two books i've recently worked on to illustrate the point. you may know, thomas nelson published my book on may 22 of this year. six months later, they’ve only sold a grand total of 12,000 books. i keep telling authors to focus on validating their ideas and writing books people want to buy; unfortunately the modernist idealism of “art” continues to blind authors to the realities of publishing success, and they’re creating in a “field of dreams” mentality that promises all their creative efforts will be rewarded as long as they listen to their passion and muse. charlie’s new book is almost the same template i used when making myself feel awesome. not only did it make the final product better, it created ownership in the outcome. for instance, people looking at your sample chapter on amazon are able to read the first 10% of the book, but might not make the purchase. i’ll send you a free ebook as a thank-you.’s not enough to write a great book; you have to know what your target audience wants to buy. british tv mysteries makes me less anxious – puzzle solving fun. it’s the phrase that people are going to say, over and over, when recommending your book to friends or talking about it on blogs. if not, no worries — i really appreciate your help during the making of the book 🙂. make sure people want to buy what you’re making!’m a psychologist and first time self-publisher of the self-help book: heal your mind, heal your life : a self-help book for depression and anxiety. and when it comes to tax reform, even minor changes make congress lose its mind. moran’s book shrinking violets is a sweeping history that doubles as a (quiet) defense of timidity. very soon, i’ll be doing an exclusive giveaway of my book for 250 of /r/anxiety members. doesn’t really make sense to do affiliate deals for books, mostly because books are supposed to be personal / sentimental / respectable products, and bringing a paltry sum of money into the equation tends to screw everything up. my perspective, hitting the bestseller lists had five benefits:It credentialed me as an expert (or at least a perceived expert). once you have a few great links talking about you and your book, then you can try sending them up to bigger media outlets from *ahem* non-biased email addresses (i. i’m planning my book launch and so, so glad that i found your blog post! objective of a best seller campaign is to simply generate a sales pulse during a specific time period to concentrate the sales and make an appearance on the list. literally asked people not to buy the book until the week of may 21. i’d love to send you a copy of my book. assuming you sell five thousand copies in each of the first two weeks, you have essentially cut your chances of hitting the bestseller list in half. thought about just calling my book “how i cured my anxiety,” based on a popular post i wrote.
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    she, too, was able to get an interview on npr’s fresh air, but the real game-changer for her success was a glowing sunday new york times book review right before book release and then, the very next day, an equally glowing review in the new york times' monday edition. one of the most significant books i have have read recently—the war of art—was written over a decade ago and finally hit the best seller list just last october. i didn’t want to waste those sales when they wouldn’t count toward the bestsellers list. she also sent her manuscript to colleagues and education experts to fine-tune the book’s details. better be a huge fan of your own book, because you’re going to be 100% in charge of marketing it. you are proud of your book, it really helps people, it looks great, and you need sales to reach the list. authors will benefit from hitting the bestseller lists, just as i have. amazon made sure its customers knew that the kindle version of the book was available for immediate download for only . we should have just done 1 book, 3 books, 10 books, 30 books, 300 books, and 1,000 books.” that page takes them to a form, where they can tell me about who the books are being given to, and whether they’d be interested in having me speak to that group. think the thing that helps me with java is you can visibly see her getting less anxious, which makes me feel good as i’m the cause. i use app annie, which automatically sends me a beautiful snapshot report of my daily ebook sales. so what do i do to ‘play’, i make a concsious effort to play with them. which parts of your book will people still love and want to discover five years from now? and when it comes to tax reform, even minor changes make congress lose its mind. my favorite part (for reasons i don’t fully understand) was the fact that we had a countdown clock running on tim’s blog to get people off the fence:Again, you can use this technique for your book during your launch to get a rush of books sold all in 24 hours. three price tiers for my book, and will eventually have a premium offer that costs 0+.) i believed in her abilities as a writer, but not in her vision for the book. to me—and the other team members—via a private facebook group. authors don’t think it is worth this kind of effort to get their book on the bestseller lists. people who are smart — people who read books — are now aware that the list can be gamed. birthday noah… is there anything we can do to make your day extra special? i haven’t done this yet, but i want my book to be in locations where anxious people are: whole foods (by the supplements), airports (lots of people panic on planes), yoga studios (trying to find relief), college campuses (lots of anxious students), and in therapists’ offices. two bestsellers i worked on recently, the books' authors needed the skills of an entire team of publishing professionals to successfully bring the books to market. even seth godin, who writes the #1 business blog on the internet, spends a ton of time promoting on other people’s sites whenever he releases a book. hope you’re with me so far, and can see the value in architecting your book beforehand. you’re getting more and more social proof that says “yes, this is a great purchase for you to make, and everyone else is buying it already. i didn’t see you mention affiliates or that kind of “help” from people with an stablished audience, and making a cut of that pushing your books.’s say 40% of your 100,000 subscribers actually open your email to buy your new book. before you start writing your book and acting all author-y (sitting at a typewriter, drinking scotch in a log cabin, etc. friday, huffpost's culture shift newsletter helps you figure out which books you should read, art you should check out, movies you should watch and music should listen to. instead of asking if they wanted the book, i asked what format they preferred.’s how my book did in its first week of reviews:You might be thinking, “gee, 34 five-star ratings on amazon, and one negative review.” assume they’ll want your book by giving them more than one choice. other really effective way to get the word out is with a series of press releases announcing your book coming up for sale on a specific day/period, and then a follow-up press release announcing your best seller status.
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    • Make Your Book A Bestseller: Platform Building Tips From Michael

      spread the word about the book on their existing platform, especially during the week of may 21st. in the coming months he and i worked together on a book proposal about the koch brothers that told the family saga, not the political story that gets covered in the news every day. i don’t expect my friends to read the book, nor do i expect them to help me in any way. ask each of these readers to give you notes on the following:When they get bored, stop reading, and check facebook,When they roll their eyes,Whey they want to share a quote or section with a friend,When they laugh, get excited, or feel hooked,Which sections they loved, and which ones they hated. i promised that i would make it worth their while if they waited. my book “edge of grace: a seeker’s path to the heart of liberation” by prajna is hitting the heart of many, a real human story written with transparency, humor and love — you cry, you laugh, and then you return for more to find out how to recover from the inevitable in life. you’re still at least 3,100 book sales left to be #1 on amazon. This is marketing month on OkDorkHow to make a bestselling book. is marketing month on okdork and we’ve already featured these posts:How to grow a blog to 100,000 visitors in less than a year. we talked about core markets for this book and how to reach them.’re going to be giving away digital copies of your book — for free — to every single of them. the second time i got to market a book was when the expanded version of the 4-hour workweek came out. coelho — the brazilian author of the alchemist, and many other books that have sold millions of copies worldwide — is such a big believer in giving away his books for free that he set up his own piracy site (called pirate coelho). in order to do that, you — the author — should try to bake marketing elements into your book that facilitate word-of-mouth and ongoing sales. had a concept in mind for my book’s cover from the very beginning: playing catch on a grassy hill, on a summer’s day. these are the select few who you’d love to read your book, and want to have them recommend it to their friends / fans. you have the title, cover, and description of your book mapped out, then you can start writing. also asked bloggers and podcasters, big and small, to review the book during this first week.’s the purpose of the back cover — to convince the prospective reader that this book was made for them, and that it’s going to deliver an amazing experience that will change their life.’s book debuted at number 16 on the new york times bestseller nonfiction hardcover list, not bad considering his book was released at exactly the same time hachette and amazon began their battle with each other. schulman, an editor at mother jones, came to me in 2011 with a pair of book ideas. problem with the “let’s hit the list” charade is that you’re pinning the perception of your book’s success on a single day of sales. goal of the title is to reveal your book’s main concept. no email receipt needed, but familiarity with book will be important. the topic of birthdays, i think it’s pathetic when people turning 30 share comments on facebook like “i’m officially old” or “dreading my 30s”.’s the thing- i know authors who have used services like the one you mentioned to hit the bestseller list. they’ll get you on the bestseller list, no problem. here’s a glimpse at the first one:[quick note on book trailers — if your trailer is a one-time-use promotional piece that your target reader doesn’t really care about, why bother? seriously, it costs you nothing to distribute your book digitally, so what are you worried about? you should make one (or several) book trailers that will be in-demand and worth watching for the next 10 years. it meant a lot to me, and you made a big impact on how the book ultimately turned out. and you run the risk of your book not being taken seriously (i know certain authors aren’t taken seriously by traditional media outlets simply because they know what kind of people they run with). do they have any role to play in the process of bringing a book to market? here are a few notes on why i think i’d make a good guest:Recently featured on npr’s ted radio hour, discussing career-related anxiety (my 8-minute segment). she emulated a winning formula (and ultimately surpassed twilight’s mega success), because she knew that women were spending money on that type of book already.
    • ’s not to say you shouldn’t try to sell a lot of books on launch day; it’s simply to say that — if you have a lackluster launch — don’t worry! those affiliates are less concerned about giving an honest endorsement than they are about how much money they can make.

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