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i hate having to mix it all together so that there’s an even amount of granola and fruit throughout the acai, so this bowl was the perfect solution. it’s nestled in the middle of the neighborhood and has way more than a classic acai bowl with bomb granola. we went to the location in north park, but there is also one in point loma, and a few other locations up in northern san diego, such as encinitas and carlsbad. something interesting about juice kaboose is that they also serve other foods, such as sandwiches, wraps, and burritos. they also serve a variety of coffee, breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, salads, wraps, and lunch sandwiches.

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jungle is a go-to acai bowl place for my friends and me when we are down in mission beach/pacific beach. bowl'd acai is also committed to only sourcing ingredients from partners that adhere to strict sustainability guidelines while sourcing products locally whenever possible.."we started this project because we wanted to provide easier access to raw juices, healthy smoothies, and most of all, our amazing acai bowls. the best thing about this place is that there are locations all over san diego including hillcrest, little italy, coronado, la jolla, and encinitas, as well as la, and my amazing hometown, newport beach. crafters definitely provided some competition amongst the other acai bowls i tried.

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growing up together in the bay area, reza and angel found mutual interest in health & fitness and now apply this passion for life through bowl'd acai! the best thing about this bowl, besides the classic acai bowl taste, was the fact that it was ready in minutes. cool thing about this place is that it’s more than a place to get your morning drink or acai bowl fix. our juices and smoothies are packed with micro-nutrients and our bowls are made with 100% organic brazilian acai berries. san diego’s “beachy” atmosphere is the perfect platform for acai bowls, and they definitely found their way into the hearts and stomachs of all southern california natives.

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the only downfall is that there’s so much fruit and granola that it’s hard to mix it in with the acai at the bottom. the acai bowl was huge, so i was glad it came with two spoons. kaboose has a few different options for acai bowls, including an original one, one with peanut butter, and one with espresso. beachy city is the perfect place to get your fix of acai bowls., strawberry, acai, vanilla whey protein, peanut butter, chia seed, maca powder, flaxseed, house made almond milk.

Where to buy acai wine

it was a pretty normal acai bowl, although it did have bee pollen on top. from newport beach, the origin of the acai bowl fad, i was on the prowl for some awesome acai bowls when i moved to san diego. won’t lie, this was the best acai bowl i’ve ever had. it is very unique and has chopped peanuts in it, which add a nice new flavor to the typical acai bowl. they have 35 locations in southern california, in addition to locations in san francisco, nevada, arizona, and texas.

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    it was basically the perfect acai bowl in my mind: loads of fruit and granola, and a wide bowl so you don’t have to struggle mixing the acai with the fruit and granola. they really reminded me of the first acai bowls i ever had back home in newport beach from banzai bowls. this is also a prime location for students that live in mission beach and can’t leave on weekends due to the insane parking. i was immediately blown away when i looked at the menu and saw that you could get 50/50 acai and pitaya, as well as more toppings than any place i’ve ever been. so for you san diegans, wherever you live…mission beach, pacific beach, ocean beach, la jolla, point loma, north park, hillcrest…we’ve got you.
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    it’s also conveniently located right next to the beach to provide for some nice views in which to enjoy your acai bowl. however, if you’re looking for a new, creative acai bowl mixture, this might not be the place for you because this bowl is the only option. nekter’s acai bowls are a decently large size, so you’re definitely not wasting your money here. although not in a pineapple, there are so many options for both acai bowls and smoothies. beach coffee break is only a step away from the beach, and on a sunny day you can just walk on over and enjoy it on the sand (aka what i did).

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