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Qmea is a specialist supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials. Together with our long-term R&D partner, we develop fine chemical intermediates based upon new unique technologies and create alternative sources for specialty pharmaceutical intermediates.

We help to find solutions that fit our customers requests and provide toll and custom manufacturing. Next to R&D and production we provide sourcing, supply, warehousing, quality management, supplier auditing and validation services.


We supply various ingredients to the food and beverage market. With our existing long-term partnerships with key manufacturers we provide not only products but also solutions for new developments at our customers.

chemical intermediates - food
chemical intermediates - specialty chemicals

Specialty chemicals

We are specialized in catalyst development and production: from 1 gram lab sample to multiple 100 kgs (e.g. organometallic compounds, hydroformylation, olefin oligomerization, transition metal complexes, synthesis of phosphine ligands etc.).

We are super specialized in organic phosphorus compounds, hydrogenation, nitration, esterification and chlorination reactions.


Participating for over 30 years in sector of chemical intermediates we have the knowledge and experience to provide several industrials such as, commodities, adhesives and polymers. By using our exclusive partners all over the world, we have the privilege to meet any demands necessary.

Furthermore, by using the most innovative technologies during the production process we can make sure the specifications of any product will be such as requested.

chemical intermediates - Industrial

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