ISO 9001_2254465_UK_20211

Qmea qualifies for iso-9001 certification

QMEA Chemical Solutions B.V. has been qualified to call itself ISO 9001 certified the 4th of August 2021. With this certificate QMEA Chemical Solutions B.V. meets international quality requirements. Which we are very proud of!

Globally accepted quality standard

The ISO 9001 certification is a quality standard that is accepted worldwide. It is a standard that sets requirements for an organisation’s quality management system. The certification expresses that QMEA Chemical Solutions B.V. stands for continuous improvement of its business processes. The organisation works in a planned and structured way and wants to keep improving its products and services for the benefit of its customers.

Assessing, identifying and optimising work processes

In order to obtain this quality standard, the internal work processes of QMEA Chemical Solutions B.V. were extensively tested by an external auditor. The process was completed successfully, resulting in an official certification with no deviations from this quality standard.

Assessed annually

Maintaining this ISO 9001 certification requires constant attention for the improvement of processes and systems. The organisation is tested on the criteria set each year. In this way, work processes are closely monitored and any deviations and shortcomings can be identified and optimised in an early stage.

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